The Galician industry is the 2nd largest in Europe (after Italy) and the 5th largest in the world. Our region comes ahead of powers such as Belgium, Portugal and Germany.
The companies that make up the Granite Cluster achieved a turnover of 336 million Euros in 2011, 15,6% less than the previous year, when the total was 398 million.

The Granite Cluster companies employ around 5,000 people among quarries, processing companies, machinery and masons. This represents a decrease of 14,5% from the previous year. Employment figures have fallen by 27,5% ever since the start of the crisis in 2008.

Granite exports
Galician granite exports increased by 11% in 2012, largely due to the strategic orientation of companies towards new markets.
Processed granite (tiles, countertops, facades, etc.) is the main element of Galician exports. The 79,2 million Euros of exports amount to practically 80% of the total.
In 2012, Turkey became the main buyer of Galician processed products.
Morocco, France and the United States occupy the following three positions in the ranking relegating Portugal, principal destination for Galician exports since the start of the crisis.

Rough granite production

Galicia is the undisputed leader in the production of rough granite in Spain. In Galician quarries, around 800,000 tonnes of granite blocks are currently quarried, accounting for 92% of the national total.
Most of the Galician rough granite production is processed in local factories and the rest is exported. In 2011, the industry exported 202,482 tonnes, 18% less than in 2010.
In Galicia, the latest technology in ornamental rock quarrying is being used, obtaining stone of outstanding quality, always controlled with strict standards of environmental respect.

Granite processing
Galicia is also the leader in granite processing in Spain. The 11 million m2 of products made in Galicia every year account for 85% of total Spanish production.
Galician companies process mainly granite blocks from national quarries (approx. 600,000 tonnes), mainly from the quarrying area of O Porriño in Pontevedra, but also imported materials (249,721 tonnes) from countries such as Portugal, Angola, South Africa, India and Mozambique.

As a consequence of the crisis, this ratio remains increasingly favorable to Galicia from the rest of Spain. In that way, it is expected that the market share of supply of Galicia continues to grow during 2013.

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