Galicia occupies the fifth place of the world in preparation of granite


The importance of the chain of value of the Galician granite in the world remains patent in the fact that Spain is the fifth country of the world in production of stone elaborated and the 80 percent of said production goes out of Galician companies. In command it situates China, followed of India, Brazil and Italy.

The practical whole of the granite transformed allocated to the export -more than 207.000 tonnes the past year- goes out through the port of Vigo, as it confirmed this morning his president, Ignacio López Chaves, that underlined that it has produced a substantial change in the sector, since said exports surpass considerably to the ones of granite in the rough, with what this supposes in value added.

Guillermo Pérez, president of the Cluster of the sector did upsetting in the logistical advantage that supposes for the companies have of a set off for the international markets to 20 kilometres of the main quarries, the ones of O Porriño.

It explained that the Export has been a chance fundamental during the crisis in front of the contraction of the internal demand, and valued especially that the sector was being one of the first of the construction that is beginning to recover, until the point that they are in opening process some exploitations and is beginning to hire personal. The signatures members employ to near of 5.500 workers in Galicia.


Source: La Voz de Galicia




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