"Graniteras that had been left behind are returning, and successful"


"They are rising creditors and there are companies that are incorporating staff and undertaking new investments. This phenomenon, two years ago, was not perceived’


The president of the Granite Cluster, Guillermo Pérez Aboy, believes that the granite´s industry Galician, the fifth most powerful in the world by volume after China, India, Brazil and Italy, begins to show signs of recovery. And it does so by the pull of exports, which have returned to pre-crisis levels. At present the export business represents a percentage between 50% and 60%, depending on the company.

Pérez Aboy says companies that make up the cluster, which is the second in Europe in terms of volume after Italy and the fifth in the world, after Brazil, India, China and Italy, are two different strategies. There are companies that are making efforts to be a leader in costs, thereby accessing volume markets in which the variable cost is relevant. These countries include Turkey, Morocco. All the north Africa. Here we are winning the battle against the Italians. And then there are companies that focus their strategy on market value.

Pérez Aboy celebra el crecimiento de las ventas al exterior, pero matiza que el mercado nacional continúa en caída libre. Las empresas que integran el Cluster son unas cincuenta y el empleo que genera el sector hoy en día es entorno a 5.000 trabajadores en toda la cadena de valor, incluyendo el empleo inducido. Hay compañías que están incorporando personal y acometiendo nuevas inversiones, ampliando capacidad.

 Pérez Aboy celebrates the growth of foreign sales, but clarifies that the domestic market is still in free fall. The companies that make up the cluster are about fifty and employment generated by the sector today is around 5,000 workers across the value chain, including the induced employment. There are companies that are adding staff and undertaking new investments, expanding capacity.

 Finally Pérez Aboy post to imitate the strategy from Italy to relaunch the sector: manufacturing excellence and an image of "powerful" brand. In this sense, the Cluster is negotiating with the Consellería of Economy and Industry for the granite to be integrated into the flag of Galicia Quality brand.


 Source: Faro de Vigo/Own




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