"In the construction of the AVE to Mecca using granite made in Galicia"


"Trust in the Galician companies increase their exports by 10% and continue to open new markets"


Guillermo Pérez Aboy has spent over two years at the Granite Cluster, an entity that integrates all links in the value chain of the sector.

Guillermo Pérez Aboy values the fact that until August exports have risen six points in value terms, the objective for the end of 2014 would maintain or even increase that trend. It would be good to end the year with 10% increments. Keep in mind that in 2014 we are in the consolidation of the efforts made in previous years.

In relation to employment Pérez Aboy says there transformative companies that have added staff and there are concerns about reopening exploitations were closed or blocked.

The main competitive advantage of granite from Galicia is that in Galicia we transform granite everywhere and are also exported to all continents. That is very interesting for positioning. Then, with regard to markets differ from those of consumer goods, where price sensitivity is high, others that are more sensitive to quality and new products. We are successfully diversified, we have 50% of our sales in Europe, 20% in America and 15% in the Middle East.

With regard to exports to Saudi Arabia have been fired Pérez Aboy reports that granite has been prescribed in the works of the AVE between Medina and Mecca, in Galician companies that are participating, but has not been prescribed by that, but by the prestige of the product, which has competed and won the bid.

En relación a las exportaciones a Arabia Saudí que se han disparado Pérez Aboy informa que el granito ha sido prescrito en las obras del AVE entre Medina y La Meca, en la que están participando empresas gallegas, pero no se ha prescrito por eso, sino por el prestigio del producto, que ha competido y ha ganado la licitación.

Regarding the role of the Cluster of Granite, Pérez Aboy emphasizes that the primary role of the Cluster is to be sensitive to the entire value chain and share the difficulties and claims that would individually unwieldy. Play a cohesive and all communication with the Administration role. Although it still has not closed the negotiation, we are near the Galician granite is under the shell of Galicia Quality and we are working on everything related to internationalization actions with direct missions, reverse or attendance at fairs, field in we work closely with Igape.


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