"Galicia, fifth world power in stone production elaborate"


"Exports rebounded last year, 10% to 109.5 million, which are above the pre bursting of the housing bubble values. Turkey, United States and Morocco are the main markets of the Galician granite”


Galicia is currently the fifth power of the world in production of processed stone, and where 80% of Spanish industry, which places it immediately after China, India, Brazil and Italy in a market that, in the case of the community has managed to overcome the crash of construction since 2008 sank domestic demand.

The commitment to internationalization has been the key to this resurgence. And is that the Galician companies that make up the value chain of granite had opened many years before the bursting of the housing bubble door to foreign markets, which has resulted in real lifesaver in the last five years.

Logistics is one of the major competitive advantages of Galician granite, which is in the port of Vigo - just 20 kilometers from the main quarry of the community, O Porriño - its door to foreign markets, which also allows entry variety of materials, along with native Galician allow firms to offer a comprehensive and competitive range of products. In fact, the president of the Vigo Port Authority, Ignacio López-Chaves, recently highlighted the steady increase in traffic of granite in the dock, which has enabled it to become the first Spanish port movement of this material.

To this we must add, as highlighted from the Cluster Granite, an integrated value chain to 100% in the community, which is not limited to the extractive activity, but focuses on bring you added value to the product through processing.

The integration of the value chain has been a key establishment in 2010 of the Cluster, composed of companies that are part of different industry associations (Association Canteiras Galicia, Association Graniteiros Galicia, Association of Stone Machinery and Marmolistas Association) and the Technology Center Granite. Its main objective is to improve competitiveness and encourage cooperation and internationalization of companies in the sector in the community.

Guillermo Pérez Aboy, president of Granite Cluster , announced a few weeks there and explotaitions in the process of opening and is beginning to hire staff, after years of hard labor adjustment in the sector.


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