The galician granite Brand is born


• The signing of the framework agreement between the Cluster of Granite, Granite Technology Centre and Galicia Quality.

• The Galicia Quality support reachs the raw product as the cut and transformed for various construction application.

• The Cluster of Granite and the Granite Technology Centre are working on Galician´s Granite Guarantee Brand.

On July 10th, the Cluster of Granite, the Foundation Granite Technology Centre, Galicia Quality and the Industry Department, will sign a Framework Agreement to promote materials and the sector companies offer in the in the markets.

There will be in the signing, the Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Mr. Francisco Conde, the President of the Granite Technology Centre and the General Director of Industry, Mr. Angel Bernardo Tahoces, the President of Galicia Quality and the Trade Director, Ms. Sol Vázquez, and  also the President of the Cluster of Granite, Mr. Guillermo Pérez Aboy.

Sectoral Brand: a strategic project for the regional government and the sector

The creation of a guarantee mark is a project that it is fully aligned with the "Strategy for the Internationalisation of Galician Business 2020". Specifically, the Regional Government, Xunta de Galicia, aims to strengthen the image and the presence of the relevant sectors in Galicia with the Galicia Quality support.

Objectives of the partnership agreement. 

The main target of this partnership is to establish the basis for accession to the Galicia Quality brand by the companies sector in Galicia that meet the requirements of the granite sector Guarantee Brand.

The Cluster of Granite and the Granite Technology Centre, with the sector companies are working on the development of Quality Granite Brand, which includes technical standards to describe, characterize and classify the quality of different Galician granite. These products identified and certified under this standard, will use a collective brand with the Galicia Quality support, that will distinguish in markets, differentiating them from imitations, maintaining and enhancing the prestige of Galician products.

The Granite Technology Centre, the Brand auditor

The Granite Technology Centre of Galicia will be the technical point of reference for the Brand project that develops under this agreement.



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