Galician companies carry to Spain to the 5º place in production and export


The Galician companies of the granite represent 80% of the total of the Spanish sector, according to the Association Cluster of the Granite that informed that Spain has situated in the fifth place in the index of production and export of this material to world-wide level.

Like this it has transmitted it today the president of the Cluster, Guillermo Pérez Aboy, in a conjoint press conference with the Port authority of Vigo (APV), when conforming the dock of the city like "logistical reference to national level" and play a "notable paper" in the import of material of other basins, in addition to favouring the export of the granite elaborated in the Community.

The president of the APV, Ignacio López-Chaves, has related that during the last years the port vigués has lived an "evolution in the type of traffic in relation with the granite", that has carried it to situate like the first port of Spain in the movement of this material.

In concrete, and in comparison with the figures obtained in the year 2009, in 2013 has reduced  in 30.000 tonnes the port movement of granite in the rough, whereas the granite elaborated has increased of 72.000 tonnes to more than 207.000.

López-Chaves has considered this change as "very important" for incorporating value added to the commodity that handles the port, and has stood out that has been possible thanks to the bet by the "investment and the innovation" of the Galician companies of the sector, that employ to 5.500 workers.

Besides, it has stood out that more than the 99 % of the granite elaborated allocates  to the export, what makes possible that no only win " value" but it wins  also in "percentage of export".

By his part, Pérez Aboy has underlined that the international market has allowed "to compensate" the fall of the internal demand during the economic crisis, so that the companies did not suffer "a notable closing" but "a restructuring" that has allowed that some begin now to incorporate personal.


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