The granite sector of Galicia characterises  by the presence of all the links of his chain of value, which facilitates the creation of synergies between the distinct phases in the creation of value surroundings to the granite.

It has based his competitive advantage in the last years in some costs of inferior production and an upper productivity to his main competitors, as well as by technological developments and some automation of his productive processes.

However, said competitive advantage sees  strongly loomed by the current dynamics of the sector of the granite, characterised for being a sector with a component of internationalisation very high. By what is palpable that the competitive advantage no longer is sustainable in the time and is necessary a review of the pillars that support the sectorial competitiveness in the research of a strategy that allow to keep and increase the competitiveness of the companies of the sector.

The current dynamics in the business world requires like indispensable element of the cooperation surroundings to the chain of value. In the case of the companies of the granite said need of collaboration sees  stressed by the half size of the companies and the need to establish a competitive advantage in base to the products/services more innovative that requires of the conjoint work of the distinct phases of the productive process of the granite, from the extraction to the final placing of the product and his maintenance.

The plan of competitiveness of the granite looks for the determination of a sustainable competitive strategy in the time that improve the competitiveness of the companies in the half and the long term, at the same time that, in the short term, faces up to  the situation of conjunction current because of the crisis generalised, of special incidence in the sector of the construction of Spain.

Likewise, his search define plans of action that allow the step of the current situation to an upper competitive situation, in function of a sectorial vision shared and of the competitive strategy selected.

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